Our Services

Multidimensional bioresonance

Detect the cause of a physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual blockage

Bilan vitamines, minéraux et métaux lourds

Vitamin, mineral and heavy metal assessment

Assessment of deficiencies and excesses in 1 minute

Bilan et soin énergétique sur 1 mois

Energy assessment and treatment over 1 month

Complete assessment and cleansing of vibratory entities and bodies

Walk in et 2ème âme

Walk in and 2nd soul

Co-twinning and souls coming after conception

Régression vies passées

Reading past lives

Reading and releasing the memories of earthly lives

Karmas galactiques

Galactic Karmas

Liberation of memories of lives in other dimensions


The Reconnection of Dr. Pearl

Boost your projects and accelerate them

Voyages en conscience

Conscious travel

In construction